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  • Developer: Pixelmon Mod
  • Genre: Minecraft Mod
  • Version: 8.3.1
User Rating: Rating 4.71

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Release Date
May 2, 2016
Pixelmon Mod
Pixelmon Mod
Minecraft Mod
Windows PC


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Andreas Harrison

Pixelmon is a game modification for Minecraft. It's a game where you can catch, train, battle Pokémon in Minecraft. It's a Minecraft mod so you need to have in order to use download Pixelmon mod. Software product is a mod that adds Pokemon to world of Minecraft. It transforms world of Minecraft into a Pokemon world. It includes a full set of Pokemon from the first generation.

Player can go on a pokemon catching adventure with their friends around world of Minecraft. Application is a third-party mod that adds Pokémon to game. This mod is a great way to play Minecraft if you're looking to have a more immersive experience. It's a multiplayer mod that allows you to capture Pokémon, battle them against other players, much more.


Interface for Pixelmon on PC is very user-friendly. There are three different categories of menus that you can access to find what you need. In first category there are menus that have to do with the map. These are map settings, world selection, world border selection, world creation. These menus are player creation, character customization, player settings. Third category is the menus have to do with Pokémon. These menus are Pokémon creation, Pokémon storage, Pokémon settings.

Interface of the app is easy to use and simple. Software product can be downloaded from Minecraft site, comes with a variety of options to choose from. Software product Pokemon and items available in the app can be combined and customized in any way imaginable, there is a built-in map that monitors player's location. Interface of Pixelmon download free is very easy to use. It is a modded Minecraft. Players can create their own world, place different biomes, fill them with monsters, then play that world. Players can then set up quests to be done by the player. Players can create their own pokemon by selecting the monster they want to turn into a pokemon, selecting their type, naming it.

Application Pixelmon free has a very simple interface that is easy to navigate. There are six different tabs that you can use to navigate through app: Mod, Download, Wiki, Chat, Shop, Settings. The mod tab is where you can find different features of mod. The Download tab is where can find different versions of the mod to download. The Chat tab is where you can chat with other players. The Shop tab is where you can buy items to use in game. Settings tab is where you can control settings for game.


Application Pixelmon install mod is very useful and easy to use. It is a lot of fun to play with and can make your Minecraft experience really enjoyable. Mod is easy to install and is almost intuitive. The Pixelmon app is very easy to use. A player can easily install the mod on a server or a Minecraft client. Is very easy to customize to suit player's needs. The mod adds a variety of new items, mobs, these can be added to game with click of a button.


Software product Pixelmon free download mod has a lot of functionality. There are different ways to battle, different ways to train your Pokémon, different ways to customize your player. The install Pixelmon app has a variety of new features that make exploring Minecraft more interesting. New items, blocks, mobs are added to game, this can make exploring Minecraft more challenging. Has a quest system that lets player create their own quests without modifying original code.


There is a lot of support for Pixelmon computer mod. The creator of mod is very active and replies to questions and comments on forums. There is a wiki page and a video series that can help you get started. There is an active forum on Github where the free Pixelmon community can provide feedback and ask questions. Is very well-documented with tutorials on how to install the modding, customize it to suit player's needs.


  • What is Pixelmon?
    Is a modding for Minecraft that adds Pokemon features, such as catching, battling, and training creatures.

  • How do I install Pixelmon?
    First, install Minecraft Forge. Then, download mod.

  • I downloaded the mod, now what?
    Drop the downloaded file in your .minecraft/mods folder.


The Pixelmon unblocked app is a mod for Minecraft that adds a variety of new blocks, items, mobs to game. It adds a new dimension called "Underground" which is just a series of caves that have a variety of items and mobs. A new quest system Pixelmon for Windows has been added on top of ordinary quests, it is possible for a player to create a new quest without modifying any of original code.


  • Adds more than 220 new creatures and items;
  • Creates a world that is more like the games of the past;
  • Adds many new features and rewards.


  • Is not for those who want to play the game as it was intended;
  • Needs more development time.

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